what do these stardust segments honestly even accomplish



I’m probably going to piss off quite a few of my followers here, butttt…

Reigns isn’t ready for this huge push that they are rushing him towards.

He can’t talk. At all. Should probably make some appointments with his movie star cousin to work on that.

And it’s been pretty obvious that they are…

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Raw 7/28/14: AJ Lee confronts her “frenemy” Paige (Part 1)

Faaaaaaaandango is giving hope to all the lower lower midcarders

STILL ROMAN STUFF? even after the break?


Roman Reigns is literally Cena 2.0 just more overpowered and less charismatic.  All of you will hate him in about 2 years.

I like Roman, but Roman is turning into Super Cena mode. All of his push should go to Seth and Dean. 

People talk about Cena and his 5 moves of doom (i agree) but Roman has his limited moves to. 

I’d just like to take a moment & thank the WWE for signing one of the most creative, talented wrestler Prince Devitt on their NXT roster. This is why I’m a proud wrestling fan.

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